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It’s not hard to find veterinarians experienced in treating cats and dogs, but what about other types of pets? At Ridge Lake Animal Hospital, we know that every animal companion deserves compassionate care and attention from a healthcare professional. Our veterinary team is experienced in preventative care and treatment for exotic pets.

Generally, an exotic pet is defined as anything that is not a dog, cat, or farm animal. All exotic pets need a veterinary exam within 48 hours of purchase, and every 6 months throughout life. There are pet insurance plans that cover exotic pets. We can provide you with recommendations after your first examination.

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Exotic Pet Care Overview

Exotic pets usually require more diligent care than cats and dogs. They often have special needs and live in contained habitats that require regular upkeep. This is something you need to be prepared for when looking after one. At Ridge Lake Animal Hospital, we take the time to educate our clients on proper pet care. Our team can make sure you learn everything you need to know to keep your companion happy and healthy for the long-term.

The following are some general things you should know about exotic pet care:

  • Pocket pets, reptiles and birds - All of these animals need special attention to their feet and nails. Letting nails get too long or dirty can seriously affect their hygiene.
  • Rabbits - Rabbits require a high-quality hay diet to keep their teeth and gut healthy. Veterinary dental exams are needed every 6 months.
  • Birds - Nutritional deficiencies are widespread in pet birds. Regular exams every 6 months, and lab work are needed to help keep your bird healthy.

We enjoy helping pets of all varieties and making sure they’re living life to the fullest. Our team is here to serve as your partners in pet care.

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