Meet Our Care Team

Our care team provides many important services to our patients including: pre and post surgical care, monitoring symptoms, administering medications, alerting the doctors to any problems, and giving lots of hugs to frightened animals.


Sherry, Practice Manager

As a young child, Sherry adored the company of animals and only became more interested in their health and care as she got older. It wasn’t long before she realized that helping pets involves helping their owners as well—Sherry knew that a career in the world of veterinary medicine was the perfect choice for her! Sherry is originally from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where her family has owned a local business since the 1800s. She moved to northern Virginia after college, where she was referred to a local veterinarian for employment. The day she started, Sherry knew that she’d made the right choice! She’s been working in veterinary medicine ever since. Sherry joined the Ridge Lake Animal Hospital family in January of 2016 and serves as the clinic’s Practice Manager. Some of her favorite parts of the workday are getting to hear clients’ fun pet stories and being a first-hand witness to the incredible bonds between animals and their owners. Above all, Sherry likes knowing that she’s made a true difference for the families of the area. Outside of work, Sherry enjoys volunteering her time to animal rescue efforts, going for walks with her family, and riding dressage. She has two horses: Jalapeno Poppers, who is retired and now lives comfortably at home with Sherry and her family; and Sherry’s dressage horse, Semper Fi. The family also owns a rescued collie named Mollie and four rescued cats named Phoebe, Raphael, Lucie, and Linus.


Heather, Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist

Heather has adored the company of animals since she was a little girl—she wanted to bring home every critter that she laid eyes on whenever she visited the pet store. She’s owned everything from dogs and cats to fish, pocket pets, and birds! For Heather, helping animals in need as a veterinary professional is a dream come true. Heather is from Alexandria, Virginia and began her veterinary career at a local animal clinic when she was only 15 years old. She joined the Ridge Lake Animal Hospital family in February of 2016, and serves the area’s pets and animal owners as a Veterinary Assistant and receptionist. Heather enjoys spending time with her husband, family and friends, pet sitting, going on road trips, and tending to her own pets. She has three animal companions at home: Spencer, a deaf Boston terrier; a spunky French bulldog named Otis; and Pitbull named Dakota.


Jenny, Groomer

Jenny was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Woodbridge, VA. Jenny has been grooming for over seven years and has always been passionate about animals. As a child, she always cared for stray animals, even though her mother was not happy about it; however, her care for each stray taught her responsibility and compassion. Her favorite breeds are pit bulls and Great Danes. Jenny keeps up-to-date with current grooming and animal care techniques through continuing education year round. She has a great deal of patience and observes her patients carefully before she begins grooming to insure every pet she sees is at ease and has a pleasant experience. Her hobbies include exercising, car shows, Muay Thai boxing, running 5k marathons, art, and activities with her beautiful daughter. Jenny’s goal is to become a licensed veterinary technician and to always keep improving her grooming skills. She hopes one day to be proficient enough to groom for American Kennel Club (AKC) shows.


Joan, Veterinary Assistant

Joan has been passionate about animal care ever since she was young—she remembers rescuing a feral kitten and helping nurse it back to health with her mother many years ago. The experience made a permanent impression! Now, Joan is proud to help the area’s pets and animal owners as a member of the Ridge Lake Animal Hospital family. A native of northern Virginia, Joan took a veterinary course in 2008 and earned her Veterinary Assistant’s certification upon completion. In the spring of 2010, she joined the Ridge Lake Animal Hospital team and cared for pets here for three years—in the fall of 2013, Joan moved out of state before returning in 2016 and becoming a member of the hospital family once again. Medically, she’s fond of conducting in-house laboratory work and learning about new techniques on a daily basis. Most of all, Joan likes meeting and forming relationships with clientele and their beloved pets. Joan and her husband, Adam, share their home with their two wonderful children, Madison and Jared, as well as a pair of pets. The family owns a sweet black Labrador, Sparky, and a cat named Sadie who is under the impression that she alone runs the household.


Jessica O., Veterinary Assistant

Jessica grew up here in northern Virginia, where animals were consistently a part of life. She’s always known that she wanted to work in the veterinary industry in one capacity or another. She’s proud to serve the area’s pets and animal caretakers as one of Ridge Lake Animal Hospital’s Veterinary Assistants! Jessica completed multiple internships throughout her college career, working with small-animal practices (including Ridge Lake Animal Hospital!) and a large-animal facility. Next, she got into laboratory research, which allowed her to grow both as a scientist and a technician. The longer she worked in research medicine, the more Jessica found herself drawn to veterinary care itself. She knew that a job in a veterinarian’s office was the next step—now, she’s happy to help pets as a Veterinary Assistant here at the clinic. At home, Jessica keeps a few animal friends of her own. She lives with Addie, a Labrador/Coonhound mix who is constantly learning new tricks, as well as a betta fish who enjoys building bubble nests. Outside of her animal-care interests, Jessica enjoys reading good books, skiing, and traveling. She recently visited Iceland, where she had the opportunity to hike a glacier and see the Northern Lights!


Tammy H., Certified Veterinary Assistant

Having had pets all her life, Tammy has always had a passion for animals of all kinds. Her interest in the field was sparked when she had to nurse her own little guinea pig back to health. She pursued her education through Penn Foster College and is now a certified veterinary assistant, with plans to eventually pursue her license as a technician. Her main interests in the clinic are behavioral work for both dogs and cats, running lab work, and of course snuggling all the fur babies she can get her hands on. She is the mama of three rambunctious kitties, Shadow, Smokey, and Alastor Moody; and two chubby guinea pigs, Nipper and Holmes.


Terry, Veterinary Assistant

Terry grew up in Northern Virginia and animals were always a part of her life. Having many cats and dogs as well as her first horse at age 13, she grew up knowing that she wanted to work with animals. In 1995 she started working for Oakridge Farms feeding and medicating the horses. In 1997 Terry obtained her degree in Animal Science and started schooling the horses and working horse shows. In 2009 she started working in the small animal field. Terry has been working with Ridge Lake Animal Hospital since February of 2014.Terry’s favorite place to be is monitoring anesthesia during surgery. She also performs tasks such as blood draws, digital X-rays, lab tests, and obtains vital signs of our patients. Terry has 3 large dogs at home, a bird named Furio, and enjoys pet sitting when not working at Ridge Lake.


Erika, Receptionist

Erika have always loved animals ever since she was a little girl. She would be fascinated with them and couldn\’t wait to learn more about them. She is currently on the path to receive her veterinary technician license. She has a Yorkie and a leopard gecko. She hopes to own more animals in the future.


Abigail, CSR

Abigail was born in California and raised in Japan. Due to her father serving in the Marine Corps and their living situation, she was never allowed to have a dog. That did not stop her from having other types of pet though. She has had one rabbit, three goldfish, too many hamsters to count, but her favorite of all her pets we’re her four roosters. She won four colorful roosters at her local Okinawan fair and cared for them. When one of them got sick she nursed it back to life. She has always had a love for animals and she is so happy to have joined this Ridge Lake Animal Hospital Family.


Valerie, Veterinary Assistant

Valerie’s care for animals started at a young age. While growing up in California, Valerie took care of many animals. This included, small breeds (dogs, cats) to farm animals like horses, pigs, chickens and cows. While in High School, she received awards as a member of the Future Farmers of America (FFA). During this time, she enjoyed trail riding and participated in horse shows. In 2006, Valerie, started working as a Kennel assistance in Okinawa Japan. When she arrived in Virginia, 2010, Valerie has worked in a number of facilities as a Kennel Assistant to a veterinary assistance. Through the years, Valerie has also fostered many cats and dogs. In 2007 Valerie completed the Veterinary Assistant Program at Ashworth College. She is currently enrolled in the Veterinary Technician Program at Penn Foster University. When not working, Valerie enjoys exercising, traveling with family and caring for her own animals. She has a Shiba-Inu mix named Ginger (her retired running buddy), Pomeranian/Chihuahua named Henry, Lhasa apso named Harley, black kitty named Petey and 2 guinea pigs named Thelma and Louise.


Jill, CSR

I have worked in cat rescue with Animal Allies since 2004 and have fostered over 600 cats and kittens. I have always loved animals and brought home all the strays. I worked customer service for over 30 years and loved to work with people, so putting the 2 together makes a dream job. I have been married for 30 years and we have 4 feline children, 1 daughter and 1 granddaughter. My daughter also works in a vets office so the legacy lives on.

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Amy, Licensed Veterinary Technician

Amy was born and raised outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Although she grew up with animals, she was interested in education and criminal justice. It wasn’t until her first pet became ill that she found interest in animal medicine. Amy went to Manor College in Jenkintown, PA where she received her Associates of Science. She sat for the national exam of animal technology in 2014, passed, and became a licensed technician. Amy comes to Ridge Lake Animal Hospital with many years experience. Prior to becoming licensed, Amy worked for 4 years in a busy kennel facility as well as multiple veterinary hospitals, including specialty and emergency medicine. It did not take long for her to realize that her love circulated around companion and exotic animals. Amy has had pet rats for over 10 years, she has many years experience handling different types of reptiles and amphibians, and enjoys working with different avian species. Amy currently resides in Woodbridge, VA with her husband, two Sphynx cats, and exotic pets.